In 2008, Bethanee was thrust into the fight against sex trafficking and hasn’t looked back. She went from knowing nothing about human trafficking and child exploitation to knowing more than she cared to know in just a matter of days. Back in 2008, on a very sleepy upper-middle class cul-de-sac neighborhood in NH where she lived, a swarm of SWAT and local police departments descended upon her street. On that hot July afternoon, her neighbor was being arrested. In that house lived his three step daughters, whom Bethanee would wave at while they were at the bus stop on her morning run. They seemed friendly, kind, and “normal”. What her small encounter each day couldn’t decipher is what that man was doing to the middle daughter of the woman he was living with. When that middle daughter was just 11, and her mom was faithfully working a 3rd shift, he began doing unthinkable things to that beautiful child and for three years continued to do so, including trafficking her.

Bethanee vowed that day that she would do whatever it took to change the laws in NH and to educate others on these atrocities so one, they might not end up in similar situations (speaking at youth prisons, middle and high schools, church youth groups, etc.) and two, to educate others so they will be aware of what to look for to help those being exploited here in NH.

Immediately Bethanee educated herself on human trafficking and became the President of the Run For Freedom NH Chapter. A year and a half later she joined in as a director at a brand new coalition, NH Traffick-Free Coalition where she’s been since then, minus a 3-year hiatus to raise the twins.

If you want to know more about human trafficking, you can click on the link above or click here to go to NH Traffick-Free’s website.


“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”
William Wilberforce