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Billions of Site Visits

Here are just a few stats on the state of porn from the last couple years, according to one of the most popular and largest porn websites today, Pornhub. All data gathered from their insights site:

-Enough porn was watched in 2016 on this one website that all the data would fill 194,000,000 USB sticks. If you put the USB sticks end to end, they’d wrap all the way around the moon.

-In 2017 alone, Pornhub got 28.5 BILLION visits. That’s almost 1,000 visits a second, or 78.1 million a day—way more than the population of the entire United Kingdom.

-In 2016, 91,980,225,000 videos were watched on Pornhub. That’s 12.5 videos for every person on the planet.

-Also, more than 4,599,000,000 hours of porn were watched on the site in just one year. That’s equal to 5,246 centuries.

-“Step mom,” “mom,” and “step sister” topped the charts in 2017 for some of the most searched terms on the site. That’s right, incest.

Source: Fight The New Drug

Ultimately this will come down to the realization of person-hood and of Jesus’ love for you. When you understand, truly, what He did for you, and how much the sexual exploitation of any person grieves Him greatly, then and only then will we begin to see a cultural shift in the thinking of pornography.


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